Deck Builders

Asnu’s Deck Builders have been building new timber decks and repairing damaged timber wood decks throughout Sydney for over 20 years.

Experienced Deck Builders

Our team of experienced deck builders able to construct all types of decks from small add on decks, large backyard decks, patio decks, cantilever decks, cantilever balcony’s, verandas, pergolas and decking around pools and spas.

New Timber Decks

We offer a complete timber decking solution specialising in timber wood decks from custom designs, deck construction including handcrafted timber handrails, steps, posts, bearers and joists and timber staining or painting.

Deck Repairs

We can repair your existing deck. If you have an existing timber deck, which requires fixing we can help. Our highly skilled deck builders can repair and replace rotten timber decking, beams and steps, so your deck looks brand new. We will ensure your deck safe to hold heavy weights. After repairs our in house painters can stain your deck to match the aesthetic of your home.

Deck Builders ASNU
Building a New Deck
Deck Builders ASNU
Deck Builders ASNU

Backyard Timber Needs

Our Builders and Carpenters are also extremely experienced at building Patios Verandas and Timber Steps, whatever your timber needs are for your home ask us we can help.

Spa and Pool Decking

If you need timber decking around your pool or spa we can build handcraft timber steps for easy access to your spa and we can build custom decking around your pool.

Cantilever  Decks and Balconys

Cantilever Decks and Cantilever Balconys require extremely advanced carpentry and deck building skills our builders and carpenters understand the physics and expertise needed to build a safe deck. We recently attached ten cantilever balcony decks to a strata building in Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

Composite Timber

Our deck builders can also build composite timber decks made from recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic these modern timber alternatives are durable have a much longer lifespan than traditional hardwood wood decks and do not require staining of timber each year.

Staining of Timber Decks

Post completion of deck construction our team of in house painters can stain and colour your deck to meet the aesthetic of your home.  ASNU painters are able to complete staining of decks annually to ensure decks are kept looking new.

Call the friendly team at ASNU Group of Trades today for a decking quote.

Timber Decking Blackbutt
New Timber Deck by ASNU
ASNU Deck Builders
Professional Deck Builders
Asnu Build a Back Verandah
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Deck Repaired on Terrace House
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