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We have Scaffolding to reach High Jobs

Check out our Scaffolding Gallery. n In accordance with Australian Law ASNU Group of Trades uses scaffolding on all work over 4 meters high.  Our scaffolding is for internal use.  Only used on our clients jobs.   Therefore, we do not hire scaffolding out on its own. See examples of our scaffolding work below.

Licensed Scaffolding Company

The Australian law states all works over 4m high require scaffolding.  As see in the Australian Standards No. 1576 and 4576 Guidelines for Scaffolding/Work Platforms.  Because of this law ASNU Group of Trades invested in scaffolding for use on our clients building, carpentry and painting work over 4 meters high.  Owning our own scaffolding towers has made it easier to service our clients. Reaching high works safely is vital in providing quality home improvement services.  Such as replacing rotten bargeboards, repainting a 3 storey home or replacing guttering on a two storey home.

Because we own the scaffolding, we can keep the costs down.  Scaffolding costs are calculated by the length of the project.  We do not charge additional costs for wet weather or delays. Charges are clearly itemised on the quotation and the contract.  Plus we promise to have no hidden charges.


Total Home Improvement Solutions

AsNu is a group of trades and hence employs a team of tradesman including Builders, Carpenters, Painters, Tilers, Electricians, Plumbers and a Colour Consultants.  Our team can do it all.  Plus because we only use our own staff, you only have to speak to one company.  For all your home improvement needs ask ASNU Group of Trades, we can help.

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