Interior & Exterior Residential Painting Services

As Sydney’s Residential Painting and Decorating Specialists our professional painting consultants and trades understand the intricacies of colour selection, interior and exterior painting and decorating, maintenance carpentry and repairs and we have over 50 years of experience in the painting and decorating trade.

Whether you require an estimate for painting your bedroom or a complete interior and exterior home painting quote, we can assist.  AsNu consultants will listen to your ideas, discuss options and then tailor a painting solution for you, to be completed at a date and time suitable.

Our one stop service removes the worry usually associated with managing multiple trades, and because we manage it all for you its delivered on time and on budget to your high standards. In fact we offer you what we believe is unique in the industry – the AsNu Communications Promise. Your are in charge at every step in the project, and if any time you are not 100% happy we will stop the job until you are!

Free Colour Consultancy

The first step in your painting project is to choose your colours. Colour selection can be difficult, as you need to make sure that the colours match the mood you are trying to create, your personality, your house, the lighting both natural and artificial, and finally your furniture. Good colour selections make your house more enjoyable to live in, and will add significant resale value as well. If you are not sure about your choice of paint colours then we will provide you with a Free Colour Consultancy to ensure you get the best outcome for your home renovation.

Free 34 Point Site Safetyand Maintenance Report

The next step in the painting process is our free site inspection. Unlike some other painting companies, we won’t just slap a band-aid coat of paint over your existing problems to allow them to become significant and expensive problems for you later, instead we do a complete 34 point safety and maintenance inspection and report. We check for life threatening issues like lead paint, asbestos, and maintenance issues like rotten timber, leaking windows etc, and provide you with a 34 point site report which you sign off on as part of the project.

This is where the AsNu Group Of Trades offers you real benefit. Our qualified builders, electricians, plumbers, tilers and carpenters can fix these issues as we discover them, and there is none of the hassle associated with locating and then engaging these services privately. In fact, because we want you to get the best result in the timelines you want we will move our people around to suit. We stand by our work because we do not hire sub-contractors, so we will never pass the buck.

Materials Inspection, Site and Surface Preparation

After the site inspection has been competed we show you the materials we will be using on your house to ensure that you are getting what you have paid for, and not some cheap substitution. When you are happy will prepare your site for you and we work with you and in a way that works for you.

Our safety and yours is a primary consideration and where necessary our licensed scaffolders will install and erect any necessary scaffolding and our painters will respectfully move your furniture and effects. We then then cover and tape all surfaces prior to commencing surface preparation. In fact, on multi-day projects, we will ensure that your house is liveable and safe for the entire duration of the project.

Surface preparation is the most time consuming part of the painting process and is the key to getting a good paint job that will last. We prepare every surface for painting, including patching, sanding and priming, and before we go to on to paint it, we show your what we have done to ensure that you are happy with it.


After surface preparation has been completed and signed off we commence painting. This is often the fastest part of the project. Our master painters will cut, coat and finish each of the surfaces in your house with the number of coats you have specified, in the colours and paints you have asked for.

Clean Up & Sign Off

The final part of the process is the cleanup and sign off process. We return all of your effects to their proper places, and do a complete site clean. On exterior painting projects we will even do a complete maintenance wash down to ensure that your house is looking as good as it can be.

10 Year Warranty With Free Annual Maintenance and House Washes

Finally, we offer what we think is the best value in the industry. As part of our 10 Year Warranty, we will come back your house every year for 10 years to inspect, wash, and maintain your painting project. Regular maintenance extends the life of the paint, and keeps your house looking better for longer.

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