House Washing

House washing

AsNu offers a complimentary house wash / soft wash at the beginning of every exterior painting project. Soft washing is a vital part of our exterior painting process.  It removing all dirt, debris, grit, moss, mould, spiderwebs, grease and grime.  It cleans up around barbecue areas and garages.  For homes located near main roads it is great as it cleans away road dirt.  Plus it is wonderful for removing the green algae on the side of your home that does not get any sun.

Failure to remove these substances would adversely affect the quality and longevity of the final paint job, as any foreign particles would be trapped beneath the paint.

Over time, as paint gradually breaks down, it oxidises and becomes a chalky powder. Washing and removing this powder prior to a new paint job, and then annually following a fresh paint job, also helps to maintain the quality and longevity of the painted surface.

Our Housewashing Process

We use a solution of mild chlorine and sugar soap solution to wash your home, which is gently sprayed on without the use of high pressure Gerni or Karcher spray guns (high pressure is reserved for driveways only). The house is then thoroughly scrubbed by hand. All the solution is then hosed away with fresh water.

The solution is mild enough not to damage plants. If we are at your house on a very hot day, we like to ensure your plants are watered first so they will be less likely to absorb any solution.

ASNU is Sydney’s Residential Painting and Carpentry Specialists.   Our professional consultants and tradespeople understand the intricacies of home improvements.  We can fix all maintenance carpentry.  Plus we have over 50 years of experience in the painting and decorating trade.

Before and After Housewashing

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Housewashing - Soft Wash Pre Brushing
Housewasher - Housewashing 3
Housewashing - Soft Wash Pre Brushing
Housewashing - Soft Wash
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