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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Heritage House Painting Colour Schemes

Factors to consider when choosing your Heritage Colour Scheme

Home renovation and house painting can be a significant and invasive process and you want to get it right first time!

A key component in the renovation process is your choice of colours as they create the mood and bring life and excitement to otherwise dull areas. 

Green is calming, Red is stimulating and Yellow increases brain activity, but when all the walls in a room are painted the same colour, it can change their effect. How colours work in a room depends on their intensity and the way they are balanced; for example, red can have an aggressive effect when painted on all four walls, whereas the effect of one red wall when combined with room lighting and a red ottoman can completely change the mood. 

Colours can affect a person's mood or stimulation and productivity levels, and experts say that not every colour fits in every room, and some should be used only sparingly. The deciding factor in the overall effect of a room is the colour "weight". The weight is dependent on the complete room and a red ottoman or stool, for example, can make red the dominant colour of a room. Leather and fur accents can set the colour tone of a room and an open fireplace also can feature a dominant colour.

So how do we go about choosing colors for interior painting and decorating? It can be over whelming and we often base our choice on 'i just like them' or on seeing them in a magazine or at someone's home. The challenge is most of us have trouble visualising how that colour scheme will look with our furniture and the natural and artificial lighting in our home. 

This is where AsNu can help. Our professional colour consultants will come to your home, talk with you and help you to work out the perfect blend of colours that match your personality, the lighting in your room, your furniture and the effect that you want to create.

One Stop Painters, Decorators and Carpenters

Did you know that AsNu is a one stop painting, decorating and carpentry company? We only use our own staff so the buck stops with us, and we offer a 10 year warranty with free annual inspection, house washes and maintenance on all our painting projects, and we reckon this is the best value in the industry.

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Cathy and Ian, Birchgrove February 2017

We chose AsNu because we needed some essential carpentry repairs done as well as painting of the outside of our historic timber house. AsNu were able to do it all, which made it a lot more convenient for us. The team was very easy to deal with and were considerate about being around the house. We got help from the colour consultant with choosing the colours and they look fantastic. There was also helpful advice about the choices we had for doing the carpentry repairs, including how to do it most economically. The final paint job looks really nice quality and well finished. We’re really pleased with the outcome as well as how the AsNu staff handled the job. We’re very happy to recommend them, for both simple jobs as well as complex jobs that go beyond painting.

Lilly Murray from Glebe - January 2017

"House renovation can be your worst nightmare. Fortunately, that was not my experience with ASNU. Two smart young men, Mark and Jordon painted my house inside and out. They were punctual, efficient and made every effort on my behalf to ensure that I was happy with the result. I can totally recommend ASNU."

Our Promise

Our Promise

Its your house and your opinion is the only one that counts. The AsNu Communication Promise ensures that you are in complete control at all times, and if at any point you are not 100% happy then we stop the job and we will not proceed until you are.


Our Warranty

Our Warranty

AsNu backs its workmanship with a 10 Year Warranty on paintwork. We offer a exterior housewash to exterior painting clients which extends the life of your paintwork and keeps your house looking clean amazing with a FREE EXTERIOR HOUSE WASH, inspection and touchups if required for the duration of your warranty. Eligibilty is a simple as displaying ASNU maintins my home sign.

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