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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal

Did the last person to work on your home test for lead?

Most of the 3.5 million homes built in Australia before 1970 contain lead paint, and many homes built or renovated after that time may have been painted using lead paint surplus. Old lead paint and in-situ lead particles left from previous unsafe work practices can cause serious harm if lead particles or dust are ingested or inhaled. 

Lead poisoning is hazardous to all members of your family, but particularly hazardous to children, pregnant women and the elderly, and unsafe work practices can harm not only your own family, but our workers, and your neighbours.

Australian Standard 4361.2 sets out guidelines for the management of lead paint in residential buildings for the prevention of lead poisoning. Our staff are trained in the use of chemical colour change field test reagents to test for the presence of lead in flaking paints, and we take soil samples at the start and the end of the project to ensure no lead contamination has occurred on the property.

Removal of stable lead paint is the least favourable management option for lead paint from an environmental perspective, but the only way to eliminate a lead hazard is to remove the paint or the surface containing lead. Where paint is already flaking, aging and causing a potential health hazard, it is essential to take immediate steps to manage the situation. AsNu takes all necessary steps to avoid any further contamination to the site, including wet stripping and wet sanding (to avoid the release of dry particulate matter into the air space) and safe, thorough disposal of all lead particles. AsNu can also safely remove and replace surfaces painted with lead paint to minimise disruption of paint particles.

Where removal of paint is deemed unnecessary, we can stabilise the surface by painting over the surface without sanding, but this can affect the final quality of a job, and also necessitates the need for regular inspections for deterioration, as a lead risk factor will always exist while the paint is present. The same need for deterioration inspections applies where you choose to do nothing about a lead painted surface.





Lead Paint Removal Process

AsNu's Chemical Colour Change Field Test Reagent Kit

Your trained AsNu representative will conduct a lead test at every job to be sure there is no lead paint present. The process involves taking a flake of peeling paint and mixing it with one drop of reagent fluid, which will blacken the chip if lead is present.

Safely removing lead paint from a job site.

The area of your home to be treated will be fully lined, taped and sealed with heavy duty industrial black plastic, to ensure no contaminants are allowed to escape or contaminate the area.

Any workers or persons entering the removal site during works are required to wear protective gear from head to toe, including full protective hazmat coveralls, safety goggles and breathing mask.

The paint will be removed in accordance with the methods deemed safe by Australian Standards, using the method judged best for the situation.

All paint and lining will then be removed from the site and safely disposed of in accordance with Australian Standards.



Cathy and Ian, Birchgrove February 2017

We chose AsNu because we needed some essential carpentry repairs done as well as painting of the outside of our historic timber house. AsNu were able to do it all, which made it a lot more convenient for us. The team was very easy to deal with and were considerate about being around the house. We got help from the colour consultant with choosing the colours and they look fantastic. There was also helpful advice about the choices we had for doing the carpentry repairs, including how to do it most economically. The final paint job looks really nice quality and well finished. We’re really pleased with the outcome as well as how the AsNu staff handled the job. We’re very happy to recommend them, for both simple jobs as well as complex jobs that go beyond painting.

Lilly Murray from Glebe - January 2017

"House renovation can be your worst nightmare. Fortunately, that was not my experience with ASNU. Two smart young men, Mark and Jordon painted my house inside and out. They were punctual, efficient and made every effort on my behalf to ensure that I was happy with the result. I can totally recommend ASNU."

Our Promise

Our Promise

Its your house and your opinion is the only one that counts. The AsNu Communication Promise ensures that you are in complete control at all times, and if at any point you are not 100% happy then we stop the job and we will not proceed until you are.


Our Warranty

Our Warranty

AsNu backs its workmanship with a 10 Year Warranty on paintwork. We offer a exterior housewash to exterior painting clients which extends the life of your paintwork and keeps your house looking clean amazing with a FREE EXTERIOR HOUSE WASH, inspection and touchups if required for the duration of your warranty. Eligibilty is a simple as displaying ASNU maintins my home sign.

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