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A Team of Tradespeople working Together

About Us

ASNU is Sydney’s Home Improvement Specialists.  Our Team of Carpenters and Painting can fix you home so it looks as good as new.  Our team of tradesman who can do all your home improvement needs. We employ licensed highly skilled trades in Carpentry, Painting, Electrical, Tiling, Decking.

Plus we also do Commercial Repairs and Commercial Painting in Retirement Villages, Schools, Hospitals and Offices.  Our goal is to provide our customers with total renovation and improvement services.  From interior and exterior painting, carpentry and building throughout Sydney.

Total Home Improvements

ASNU Group of Trades provides total home improvement services such as residential house painting and commercial painting.  Maintenance carpentry repairs and building services throughout Sydney.

Our goal is to provide our customers with total renovation and improvement services.  From interior and exterior painting, carpentry  repairs throughout Sydney.

We are a Group of Tradespeople

Which is why our name is AsNu Group of Trades, because we employ a Team of professional qualified tradespeople do it all.  We provide Total Home Improvement solutions.

We replace rotten timber then we paint it.  Or if you have dreamed of a large open plan kitchen, then we can help.  Our Trades can remove structural walls and install safety beams in the ceiling.  Then patch the ceiling and floors so it looks brand new. Then our trades can install a custom kitchen design. Custom cabinetry, stone or laminate bench tops, glass or tile splash backs.  Then our Painters can paint the walls for a modern finish.  No matter what your home improvement needs are, we can help.

Our License and Insurance Information

As-Nu Group of Trades Pty Ltd ensures all it’s licenses are up to date.  Our licenses and insurance details are:

ABN: 90 158 886 616

ACN 158 886 616

HIA Membership: 857457

Master Builders Association: 3011375

Builders License 224411C

Painting License: R55759

Carpentry License: 86670S

Contractor License: 252190C

Contract Works and Public Liability:


Workers Insurance Icare: 113493101

Strata Enquiries Licenses and Insurances can be checked on the Trades Monitor Website.

As-Nu Group of Trades Pty Ltd takes its licenses seriously and ensures all it’s licenses are up to date.

Asnu Handyman Service

ABN 90 158 886 616
Completing work under $5,000

Asnu Home Improvement

ABN 90 158 886 616
Completing selected works up to $20,000 in value.

Asnu Constructions

ABN 11 140 539 680
Completing works over $20,000.

Upon Acceptance of a Quotation Asnu Group of Trades Pty Ltd reserves the right to decide which of their entities will complete the work.

Family Owned

We are Family Owned and Operated

ASNU Group of Trades Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business.  Cath Dopper is the General Manager overseeing all the financial and operational aspects of the business.  Stuart Dopper works in Senior Management and as a Senior Sales Consultant.  Cliff Dopper is the Sales and Marketing Director.  Stuart’s sister Rachel consults on Colours, helping clients select new colour schemes they adore.


Stuart Dopper, Cath Dopper and Cliff Dopper

Our People

ASNU are very proud of our team of our qualified tradesman. We employ the best Tradespeople Carpenters, Painters, Pre House Washers, Plumbers, Tilers and Colour Consultant.  Our  promise is to get your job completed right the first time. To your satisfaction.  Click Here to view photographs of our team.

ASNU Group of Trades Pty Ltd we are Home Improvement Specialists

Sydney Suburbs ASNU Work

We service most of Sydney.  Click Here to view the Sydney Suburbs we work.

Including the the following:

The Eastern Suburbs

The Upper North Shore

The Lower North Shore

The Northern Beaches

The Inner West

The Southern Suburbs

Sydney Suburbs ASNU Group of Trades Work

Pack Away Valuables

It is because we care we ask you to ensure all valuables are safely packed away.

Our Tradesman care and do our best to ensure no harm is done to your property or belongs. However Tradesman carry long Ladders, Heavy Power Tools, Large Heavy Drop sheets, Paint etc and accidents do happen.  As we would hate for this to happen we request if it is valuable then please ensure it is removed from the area we are working.


It is because we care about your home and you belongings so require all valuables are removed from the areas working.  For example valuables such as Artwork, Vases, Sculptures, Ornaments, Televisions, Electrical Playstation, Xbox One should all be packed up and removed from the area working.


Should the valuable be very heavy such as a Grand Piano then speak to our consultants first to arrange a team of our tradesman to move the heavy object into the centre of the room and covered with protective blankets (yours) and then we will cover with a large drop sheet (ours).

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