Our People

The ASNU Family

ASNU Group of Trades supplies Sydney best Home Improvement Tradespeople. Our people are our lifeblood. We don’t use subcontractors.   Employing Builders, Carpenters, Painters, Scaffolders and Labourers.

Our team of qualified tradesman make it easy for us to do a range of home improvements.  Including house painting to new decks to carpentry repairs and new kitchens or kitchen remodels.

This way we can can easily renovate off your your Sydney home inside and out.

All staff are accredited in their fields. Collectively have decades of experience in completing projects of the highest quality.

All new staff are subject to a thorough interviewing processes which includes detailed criminal clearance checks, before they are allowed into any of our clients homes.

The Dopper's

Family Owned and Operated

ASNU Group of Trades house painting roots, began in the early 20th century.  Cliff Dopper’s grandfather Charlie Dopper painted residential homes in Albury, NSW. His son Cliff Dopper Senior taught his son Cliff Dopper the painting trade in the Central West NSW Condobolin.   Cliff Dopper moved to Sydney and established ASNU in 1992. Cliffs family now work in the business.

Stuart Dopper is the director of ASNU and he works alsong side Cath Dopper in the office.  Stuart is the son of Cliff and Cath.

Rachel Walker, daughter of Cliff and Cath works as the Colour Consultant. Rachel also oversees all online marketing.

ASNU Cath Dopper General Manager

Cath Dopper – General Mangager

ASNU Cliff Dopper

Cliff Dopper – Senior Consultant Sales and Marketing

ASNU Stuart Dopper

Stuart Dopper – Senior Consultant

Rachel Dopper Colour Consultant

Rachel Walker (Dopper) – Colour Consultant

Our Consultants

Our skilled Consultants are able to quote all home improvement needs. Geoff Dwayne and James are available to provide quotations for interior and exterior house painting. Geoff and Dwaynare able to quote  bathrooms renovations or kitchen remodels and deck repairs and replacements.

Geoff Gillies Sales Consultant ASNU

Geoff Gillies – Senior Painting Consultant

Dwane Phair Plumbing Building Consultant

Dwayne Phair – Bathroom Building and Painting Consultant / Licensed Scaffolder

Painting Division

Our house Painters are second to none.  Experienced in painting the interior and exterior of Sydney homes.  No painting job is to big or small so ask us for a free quote.

ASNU Painter Tom M

Tom Moraitis – Team Leader Painter

ASNU Painter Liam Chawke

Liam Chawke – Team Leader Painter

Mark Linder – Team Leader Painter

Tomas O'Connor

Tomas O’Connor – Team Leader Painter / Roof Painter / Pre Wash

ASNU Painter Paul Irvine

Paul Irvine – Team Leader Painter

ASNU Painter Hassan Mansour

Hassan Mansour – Painter

Daniel Carey - Painter ASNU

Daniel Carey – Painter

Jordan Wells – Painter

David Skelton – Painter

Building Division

As Sydney Best Home Improvement Trades Company, we employ a wonderful team.  Our skilled Builders Painters Carpenters can fix it all.  Plus our building division are great builders.  If you need a new granny flat or extension to your home, we can build it.

Tuku Kahukara – Team Leader Carpenter Builder  Licensed Scaffolder

ASNU Builder - Wesley

Wesley Miezenbeek – Carpenter

Shaun Hodgkinson – Builder / Carpenter

ASNU Carpenter - Munro

Munro Kahukara – Labourer

Xavior Adams – Apprentice Carpenter

Luke Lawrence – Apprentice Carpenter

Owen Wielkins – Bricklayer / Scaffolder / Pre Wash

Licensed Scaffolders

ASNU is a licensed scaffolding company so in accordance with Australian law we can fix anything 4 meters high.

Tuku Kahukara – Licensed Scaffolder

Tomas O'Connor

Tomas O’Connor – Scaffolding Assistant

Dwayne Phair – Bathroom Building and Painting Consultant / Licensed Scaffolder

Owen Wielkins – Bricklayer / Scaffolder / Pre Wash


The ASNU Administration team will help you with all your renovation enquiries.   For support and understanding the girls in the office are the link that makes it happen, call us on (02) 9686444.

ASNU Administration Janine

Janine – Administration


Yasmin – Administration

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