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Local Builders Sydney ASNU Group of Trades Specialists in Renovations and Home Improvements. We have 20 years experience renovating homes in Sydney.

Asnu Group of Trades employs highly skilled Builders able complete all your home renovation dreams.

ASNU Group of Trades can build a whole new building or granny flat or do a extension to your existing home.  Plus we are experienced at working with draftspersons,  architects and council to ensure your extensions is perfect.

Our experienced builders can help make all the changes needed to modernize the look and feel of your home.


Building Services include:

Room Extensions

Structural changes

Open Plan – remove walls and repair like new

Modernise a room by updating dated arches.

Build new Patios Verandas and Decks

Renovating… It’s a Big Decision

It’s a big decision to renovate but making a plan open plan can make a big difference.  It improves the functionality and the feeling of a home.

ASNU Group of trades aims for a smooth stress free renovation experience.

Communication throughout the job!

Firstly, we inspection of the materials to be used at your home are correct and meet all relevant building code standards for your planned project.

Secondly, halfway through completion of your project a client job site inspection is planed to ensure that works are proceeding as planned.

Thirdly, we will take you through the completed project to ensure that all planned objectives have been achieved and exceeded your expectations.

Like our Name Says we are a Group of Trades

That’s why our name is AsNu Group of Trades because we employ a Team of professional qualified tradespeople do it all.  We provide Total Home Improvement solutions.

We replace rotten timber then we paint it. If you have dreamed of a large open plan kitchen, then we make it happen.  Our builders can remove structural walls and install safety beams in the ceiling.  Then patch the ceiling and floors so it looks brand new. Then our trades can install a custom kitchen design. Custom cabinetry, stone or laminate bench tops, glass or tile splash backs.  Then our Painters can paint the walls for a modern finish.

We aim to make renovating stress free. Clients only have to deal with one company throughout the renovation.  Open communication on every job with regular job inspections and reports.

kitchen installation
Quality kitchen installation
Big Bathroom Renovation by ASNU
Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Dream of Open Plan Living?

If you dream of open plan living but need to remove a wall or two. We can help. Our Builders are experienced at removing structural walls, changing dated windows and doors, updating interior arches to square set entrances.

Room Extensions

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