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We Build New Decks and Repair Existing Decks

Experienced Deck Builders

ASNU Group of Trades Pty Ltd offers complete decking solutions, specialising in custom timber wood decks and composite wood decks. Our deck builders understand the physics and expertise needed to build a deck that ticks all the boxes.  Style, function, safety and durability; perfect decks for today’s outdoor living.

Rounded Timber Deck
Rounded Timber Deck After

Our Deck Builders have been building new timber decks and repairing damaged timber wood decks throughout Sydney for over 20 years.  ASNUs team of experienced deck builders are able to construct all types of decks.  From small add-on decks to large backyard decks.  Patio decks, cantilever decks, cantilever balcony’s, verandas, pergolas and decking around pools and spas. We also construct handcrafted timber handrails, steps, posts, bearers and joists.

New Timber Decks

Australians love stylish, outdoor living and dining. ASNU build beautiful, new timber decks, specialising in custom deck designs for Sydney homeowners.  Individual designs, quality construction, handcrafted timber handrails, steps, posts, bearers and joists.

A deck needs to be stylish, comfortable and functional with your existing home’s architecture.  However, more importantly, it needs to safe for the family and durable.

ASNU’s Deck Builders are/will:

  • Qualified, highly-skilled Carpenters and Builders
  • Professionally qualified, licensed and fully insured
  • 20+ years’ Industry experience
  • Provide free customised evaluation at your home
  • Provide a written quotation
  • Work to a date of your request

Deck Construction - Chatswood

Timber Deck Repaired and Stained
deck builders
Professional Deck Builders

Cantilever  Decks and Balconys

Cantilever Decks and Cantilever Balconies require extremely advanced carpentry and deck building skills. Our builders and carpenters understand the physics and expertise needed to build a safe deck. We recently attached ten cantilever balcony decks to a strata building in Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

Sydney Deck Builder
ASNU Deck Builders

Staining of Timber Decks

Post completion of deck construction our team of in house painters can stain and colour your deck to meet the aesthetic of your home.  ASNU painters are able to complete staining of decks annually to ensure decks are kept looking new.

Stained Timber Deck
New Timber Deck By ASNU
Deck Oiled Sydney
Hire a local carpenter

Spa and Pool Decking

If you need timber decking around your pool or spa we can build handcraft timber steps for easy access to your spa and we can build custom decking around your pool.

Oiled Deck around Pool

Contact the friendly team at ASNU Group of Trades today for a decking quote.

Timber Deck Oiled

Deck Repairs

Damaged Deck, Rotten Timber! ASNU can Fit it! 

ASNU can repair your existing timber deck. If you have an existing timber deck, which requires fixing then we can help.  Wood Rot, Termites, broken decking or unsafe posts, we fix it all.  Our highly-skilled deck builders can repair and replace rotten timber decking, beams and steps, so your deck looks brand new.

  • Replace rotting timber decking, beams, posts etc.
  • Add handrails

After repairing, our in-house painters can oil, stain or paint your deck to match the aesthetic of your home.  Get a Free Quote for Decking Repairs today!

Deck Builders ASNU
hire a local carpenter

Composite Timber

Our deck builders can also build composite timber decks made from recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic these modern timber alternatives are durable have a much longer lifespan than traditional hardwood wood decks and do not require staining of timber each year.

Beautiful Painted Decks

Plus ASNU’s in house painters can paint your deck to meet the aesthetic of your home.  If your deck is looking old then repainting it will give it a fresh new modern look.

Verandah Repairs Turramurra

Type of Decking Timber

Australia offers a variety of  timber decking choices, choosing the type of timber comes down to personal taste and budget.  Hardwoods are more durable, highly resilient and quality options.  Available in a range of colours with a stunning look and feel.

There are number of hardwood timbers to choose from.  Our ASNU Painters can annually oil or re-stain your deck to ensure your hardwood deck remains in top condition for many years.

Treated Pine

Treated Pine is a popular decking choice as it is versatile and cheaper than hardwoods. Plus, Treated Pine absorbs stain or paint well so gives a nice finish. It requires oiling annually for long-lasting results. Not all treated pine is suitable for decking though. However, our deck builder will ensure your treated pine adheres to all the required safety and hazard standards.

Example of Treated Pine


Jarrah it is a very popular choice for Australian decks. It is highly durability and fire-resistant. Jarrah comes in a range of stunning colours ranging from light to very dark browns and reds that give a stunning finish.  Jarrah is more expensive than other timbers.

Decking Jarrah Timber


Blackbutt is native to Australia and is highly fire-resistant. It is a pale brown colour that compliments most homes and environments.

Blackbutt needs to be sealed as soon as possible to prevent cracking. However, it can be stained for a different look.

Decking Timber Blackbutt

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is also a good fire-resistant timber.  It is quite a dense timber that shrinks less than other timbers. And it comes in a range of browns, from pale to chocolate brown.

Spotted Gum Decking Timber


Merbau is a less expensive but popular option because it is durable, rot and insect resistant. However, Merbau is not native to Australia and usually comes from Southeast Asian rainforests. For a little extra money sustainably, harvested Merbau is available.

Deck Timber Merbau


Because it is such a dense heavy hardwood, Ironbark has the highest durability rating. However, Ironbark is harder to work with it, but the final finish is worth it.  Ironbark comes in a range of beautiful natural colours ranging from pale brown to deep red. Plus Ironbark is highly fire, termite and rot resistant making it a wonderful choice around pools.

Example of Ironbark Hardwood timber

Obligation Free Quotations for Decks

Friendly Consultants will come to your home for a deck evaluation, discuss your decking ideas then provide you with an obligation free written quotation.

Factors that affect the cost of a deck include:

  • Type of timber
  • Style
  • Size and height
  • Elevation
  • Timber staining or painting
  • Access to property
  • Stairs, balustrade and roofing
  • Condition of soil
  • Hazards such as trees, foliage and rocks
  • Extra bearers, posts and joists, nuts or bolts
  • Timber Staining or Painting

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