Wall-to-Wall House Painting

Is your house starting to look tired and frayed? Are you looking to add value to your property or update the look and feel of your home? Whatever the reason experienced house painting team Asnu Group of Trades will ensure the job is done efficiently and professionally.

House painting doesn’t need to be a stressful and long drawn out process. Working with reliable, skillful, seasoned painters will make the process a whole lot easier and save you money. Asnu’s professional house painting team can help you whether you are wanting exterior or interior paint work done.

Interior House Painting

There are many reasons to paint the interior of your home. Families grow, nurseries become toddlers’ rooms, which then become teenager rooms. Orange becomes the new black. Stark white becomes outdated. Furniture is replaced with newer styles, valuables are collected and displayed.

Painting the interior of a specific room or the entire house will keep your house evolving with your lifestyle. A new colour scheme can change the vibe in any space and give the area a fresh new feel.

Exterior House Painting

Street frontage is important. A clean, fresh look makes an impression and will add value to your property.

However, the logistics of painting the exterior can be tricky. Special equipment such as scaffolding is required to reach the higher points of your home and best left to the experienced.

If an exterior is properly prepared and professionally done you won’t have to worry about it again for many years to come.

All-Inclusive Repair and House Painting Team

Asnu group of trades, as the name suggests, is a team of tradespeople. We have in-house tradespeople who can deal with every aspect of your project.

Our carpentry team will repair or replace any damaged timber. We can knock down walls or add extensions. Our painters will then paint to match your existing colour or redo the whole exterior.

With over 50 years’ experience painting Sydney residential homes there isn’t an issue or type of home that we haven’t repaired or painted. We can also stain timber, decks and windows.

Our large pool of painters allows us to paint new homes, interior and exterior quickly and efficiently. Colour consultancy is available to help you choose the colour scheme you like best for your home and surface.

So if you’re ready to give your house a new lease of life, contact us today.



Before and After Exterior House Painting

Before and after house painting


Interior house painting by Asnu


House painting

Contemporary look by Asnu House painters


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