Pre House Wash

If your house is ready for an exterior paint job than it’s no doubt overdue for a house wash. Painting on a dirty surface is like putting makeup on a dirty face, it doesn’t work. So, just as you should do when putting on makeup, clean the surface properly. Asnu Group of Trade offers a Pre-house wash with every exterior house painting project.

Just like makeup, any grime, dirt or particles that are left will create an uneven look. Also, when painting any remaining dirt particles are trapped under the paint forever. Therefore, the durability of the paint will also be affected.

The exterior of a house is exposed to the elements and attracts all sorts of unattractive grime. Most houses have spider webs, dirt and possibly mildew. Parts of the house that don’t get a lot of sun will have a lot of green algae on it which needs to be properly removed before painting.

For this reason, Asnu group of Trades Pty Ltd include a complimentary house wash as part of their exterior painting process. A properly prepared surface is not only easier to paint on but also gives better quality and longer-lasting finish.

Soft House Wash

At Asnu we use a mild chlorine solution to wash your home. We call it a ‘soft’ wash because it is gently sprayed on. We never use a high-pressure hose such as a Gerni for a house wash as they are too harsh. They also tend to spray water all over the place and we are don’t want water to leak inside your windows or doors. Once the solution is sprayed on the surface is gently scrubbed by hand to remove stubborn dirt, stains and mildew etc.

Asnu group of Trades Pty Ltd have been painting, building and renovating homes all over Sydney for years. We can take care of all aspects of your exterior house painting project. From colour consulting if you need it, to house washing and painting. We even own our scaffolding equipment!

So if you’re thinking about painting your home, contact us today.




House Wash before and after

What a difference a house wash makes !


Asnu Painter washing a roof in preparation for painting.





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