How A Paint Colour Consultant Can Help You

A professional paint job will always improve the look of your home or business. But it’s the colour scheme that will have the most impact on the feel, look, and value of your property. So, before you dash out to buy paint it’s a good idea to get the advice of a paint colour consultant. They can help you wade through the multitude of colours and shades to help achieve the look you want. Choosing the right colour scheme will give more value for the money you spend on any paint job. Asnu has a colour consultant available to help you make the right choice for your home or business.

Colour consultants have in-depth knowledge of how different shades, tones, and styles have a more favourable effect. If you are looking to sell they can advise on colours and styles to add value and appeal to your home’s interior and/or exterior.

Do you have a commercial business you want to upgrade or revive? Then a colour consultants’ advice is priceless. They understand what colours are more attractive to customers and more appropriate for different businesses or services.

Top 7 Benefits Of A Paint Colour Consultant

So, whether you have a colour scheme in mind or are completely baffled, here are the top 7 benefits of dealing with a professional paint colour consultant.

  • A colour consultant will go to your home or business and talk through your expectations with you. It is their job to listen and recommend a colour scheme that ticks all the boxes for your vision.
  • They have extensive knowledge of the latest paint products on the market and will bring samples with them. They also have access to more colour varieties than your local paint store and can refine these to create the perfect tone.
  • Different shades can look different from one wall to another. A colour consultant will consider the architectural design of a space plus the lighting when recommending colour schemes.
  • Part of a paint colour consultant’s job is to match colour schemes with existing furniture, floorings and possessions to create the look and feel you are after.
  • Likewise, if you are painting the exterior of your home, a colour consultant can help choose a colour scheme to accentuate features on your home, improve your street frontage and highlight your garden if desired.
  • For commercial properties, the exterior of a building has a huge impact on potential clients. A newly painted shopfront with a good colour scheme will be more appealing than a dull rundown exterior. It is often a customer’s first impression so should reflect you and your business.
  • If you are building a new home a colour consultant can help you achieve a modern, sleek look that will finish your house off with style.

Paint Colour Consultant Available With Asnu

Asnu group of trades is an all-inclusive home improvement company. Our large team of tradespeople includes licensed and experienced builders, carpenters, painters and colour consultant. We can repair, renovate or extend your property and then finish off the job with a professional paint job.

With over decades of industry experience, we understand the importance of colour choice. Our colour consultant Rachel has been helping clients all over Sydney for years realise their visions.

Our colour consultancy service is available on request and includes:

  • Interior and exterior colour schemes
  • Paint colour selection and usage
  • Blending new colour schemes to accentuate existing furnishings and fixtures
  • Advice on furniture placement and accessories to showcase your new colour scheme

The beauty of working with Asnu is that all steps of your painting project can be taken care of by us. One company who will coordinate all aspects of your home improvement, ensuring a smoother and more professional outcome.

Our colour consultant Rachel will work with you to conceive a colour scheme that you love! Rachel believes that it is your home so offers advice and samples as needed but ultimately the decision is yours. Rachel then deals directly with the paint contractors to ensure your vision is carried out as planned.

As part of our communication promise, all paints and colour choices are cross-referenced and double checked before being signed off by you.

Contact us today and arrange your free no-obligation quote.


paint colour consultant

Paint colour can help create a vibe in your home




paint colour consultant

Use paint colour to create a backdrop for your home




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