Lead Paint Removal

ASNU Painters are specialist in lead paint removal.  We can test to see if lead exists in within your paintwork. Then construct a plan for the safe removal of lead paint from your home or workplace.

Lead Paint Removal Testing

A trained AsNu representative will firstly conduct a lead test to confirm sure there is no lead paint present. This process involves taking a flake of peeling paint and mixing it with one drop of reagent fluid, which will blacken the chip if lead is present.

How ASNU Removes Lead Paint safely from your home or job site.

The area of your home to be treated will be fully lined, taped and sealed with heavy duty industrial plastic, to ensure no contaminants are allowed to escape or contaminate the area.

All workers or people entering the site during works are required to saftely clothing.  Considing of protective hazmat coveralls, safety goggles and breathing mask.

The paint will be removed in accordance with the methods deemed safe by Australian Standards, using the method judged best for the situation. All paint and lining will then be removed from the site and safely disposed of in accordance with Australian Standards.

Lead Paint Removal
Cracked lead paint peeling off
ASNU Lead Paint Removal
Lead Paint Removal by ASNU

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