Pre Wash for Exterior House Painting

Pre Wash / Soft House Washing and Pressure Washing Paths Driveways and around Pools

A prewash a house before painting or housewashing is a vital part of the exterior house painting process. It removes the dirt, debris, grit, moss, mould, spiderwebs making sure the surface clean ready for painting.

For those who live on main roads it removes street dirt and grime from homes located near busy roads.  Plus it is wonderful for removing the green algae on the shaded side of your home.

It is never a good idea to paint a dirty house, as foreign particles can be trapped beneath the paint. Over time paint breaks down, oxidising to become a chalky powder. This chalky powder should be removed before painting.

Failure to remove these unwanted substances adversely affects the quality and longevity of the paint job.

House Washing Process

We uses a solution of mild chlorine and sugar soap to pre wash your home. The gentle wash is solution is gently sprayed on and then thoroughly scrubbed by brush.

Then the mild chlorine solution is hosed away with fresh water. We don’t use high-pressure Gerni or Karcher spray guns for house washing as they are too harsh. High-pressure spray guns are only used for cleaning driveways.

Please note that the chlorine solution is mild enough not to damage plants. If we are at your house on a very hot day, we like to ensure your plants are watered first so they will be less likely to absorb any solution.

Housewashing - Soft Wash Pre Brushing
Housewashing - Soft Wash Pre Brushing
Housewashing - Soft Wash

Pressure Washing for Houses

We also offer Pressure washing of hard services eg paving around paths and pools.   Pressure washing removes the grease and grime.  It also cleans up around barbecue areas and garages.

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